Quincy, a pet therapy dog for JSSA hospice

When I first saw the ad in the Montgomery Gazette, I realized the potential of JSSA’s hospice volunteer program for pet therapy dogs. It would be a wonderful community service opportunity for me and my 2-year-old French poodle, Quincy, who is handsome, calm, and loves people. However, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to […]

Understanding the work of hospice chaplains

Did you know that hospice is one of the few areas of the American health care system that requires spiritual care be provided? Melissa Apter writes about the work of hospice chaplains, including JSSA’s own Rabbi David Rose, in Washington Jewish Week. Faith, Jewish or otherwise, is not a prerequisite for receiving chaplaincy services. The […]

the end of life is different for holocaust survivors

In JTA, Melissa Apter writes about the special challenges that Jewish hospice chaplains, including JSSA’s Rabbi David Rose, experience when providing spiritual support to Holocaust survivors and their families at the end of life. Hospice offers families pre-bereavement counseling, 13-months of aftercare and access to preferred clergy. Special sensitivity is paid to spouses who are […]

free eyeglasses for holocaust survivors

JSSA’s most vulnerable Holocaust survivor clients will be the beneficiary of a new eye care program that is being established through the outstanding generosity of community donors under the leadership of Dr. Michael Berenhaus. Eyeglass lenses will be fabricated through donated optical lab services, and donated frames will be fitted at no cost to the […]

understanding and embracing mindfulness with JSSA

Mindfulness – it seems like we’re hearing it everywhere these days, in schools, hospitals, workplaces and therapy offices. If you are not sure what mindfulness is, join the crowd – you are in good company! What is it? Simply put, mindfulness is the state of being aware of what’s going on both inside and outside […]

“Staff Tips and Strategies” and a drawing of a family in green

Author: Reverend Deborah Vaughn, M.Div., JSSA Hospice Chaplain Recently, I read a post on a favorite blog by someone who had to have foot surgery.  The day before her procedure she posted on Facebook that she’d never been on crutches before and asked for tips on how to manage it. Each health challenge is different, […]

“Staff Tips and Strategies” and a drawing of a family in green

Author: Alison Axelrod, MSW, Employment Specialist Diversity in the workplace benefits employees, employers and society as a whole. With today’s technological advances and better understanding of the special needs of workers with disabilities, providing accommodations for deaf or hard of hearing employees doesn’t need to be difficult. Below are some simple things to keep in […]

Written By: Marlene Schooler, JSSA Hospice and Transitions Volunteer Imagine a single physical therapy prescription that treated malaise, depression, melancholy and loneliness.  “Interact with one cold nose, four paws and a wagging tail once a week.” Even the most needy of cases would look forward to their weekly treatment by a non-judgmental friend. A few […]

 Silvana Quiroz and Néstor Bravo interview Employment Development Specialist Marta Bohorquez on Buenos Días D.C.  Watch The Show (in Spanish) English Translation: Silvana: Hello, let me introduce her. You may already know her as she visited us just a few weeks ago. Her name is Marta Bohorquez. She works with an organization that helps people with disabilities. […]

JSSA uses iPods for its Music and Memory program

JSSA Hospice is delighted to announce that it has recently been certified as a Music and Memory site. JSSA staff have been trained to bring personalized music to our patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, which has been shown to not only provide an enjoyable activity but increases cooperation and attention, reduces agitation, and enhances engagement. […]

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