Employment Services

We help our neighbors with disabilities, including autism, find and keep fulfilling jobs.

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Available in:
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Northern Virginia
  • Washington, DC

One of our core areas of service is helping people with disabilities secure meaningful employment. Our jobs-and skills-training services, train-to-hire programs, and on-site job coaching help our clients achieve long-term career success and self-sufficiency. By finding the right ways to assist each individual, we empower our neighbors to build social, emotional, and financial fulfillment and independence.

Our employment services for adults with disabilities include:

Career assessment

We work with you to identify strengths and areas of interest and help you establish your career goals.

Job training

We help you develop appropriate workplace skills through interactive, individualized trainings.

Finding a job

We help you create an effective resume, complete job applications, and practice interview skills, and introduce you to a network of potential employers that match your skills and interests.

On-the-job coaching and retention

We work with you over time so you can achieve long-term employment. On-site, we provide the coaching, onboarding support, peer and supervisor communication, and workplace advocacy needed to set you up to succeed.

Socialization support

We offer Social Skills for Employment Readiness training, where you can access JSSA’s broad range of counseling, care management, and support services.


Evan could be my best employee – he has a near photographic memory, strong knowledge of fuel injectors, and a great work ethic. It’s hard to find people who show up every day to work hard, with disabilities or without.

— Saul Goldfarb, Goldfarb & Associates