About Us

JSSA is the health and social wellness agency that supports our neighbors in Montgomery County, MD, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC through life's consequential moments.

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JSSA is the health and social wellness agency that supports our neighbors facing life’s consequential moments. Serving Montgomery County, MD, northern Virginia, and DC, our work is built on a commitment to healing our corner of the world. Our high-quality services are rooted in caring and designed with you in mind.

Whether you’re coming to us for help in navigating end-of-life care for a loved one or searching for the right therapist to support your family, our team of experts will listen with respect. We connect your needs and concerns with the right people who can help.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Our History

We’ve been serving our community for more than 120 years—learn more about our history.

Our Mission

Recognizing our shared humanity, JSSA empowers individuals and families to enhance well-being across all ages and stages of life.

Our Vision

Guided by Jewish values, we are the partner of choice providing integrated services that enhance the quality of life across our region’s diverse communities.

Our Values

We honor, respect, and esteem all individuals and serve all people with empathy, compassion, and caring.

We are dedicated to strong ethical and moral principles, honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, and bringing our whole selves to everything we do.

We foster an optimistic outlook, allowing individuals to journey through uncertainty with the promise of learning and healing, leading to a greater sense of physical and emotional well-being.

We embrace the perspectives and contributions of staff, volunteers, clients, and partners and incorporate the needs of our diverse communities in all that we do.

We are accountable for ensuring that services needed by our community are accessible and available to all.

We continually strive to achieve outstanding sustainable outcomes by optimizing our resources’ effectiveness and nurturing a culture that opens pathways to success.

These Jewish tenets infuse all that we do:

B’tzelem Elohim – Recognizes our shared humanity, the value and dignity of every human life.

Tikkun Olam – Healing the world through collective and individual engagement. We feel a responsibility to give back.

Chesed – Unconditional kindness, compassion, and generosity. Altruism inspires our every action.

Kavod – Bringing honor to ourselves, our families, and the communities we belong to. We cherish human dignity and individuality.

Pikuach Nefesh – Recognizing the ultimate value of human life. We devote ourselves to healing and health.

Teshuvah – Faith in the ever-present possibility of growth and renewal. We work to inspire positive change.

JSSA’s Racial Justice Accountability Statement

JSSA is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for staff and our clients. To that end, we have created a Racial Justice and Accountability Statement outlining our commitment.

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Who We Help

We help children, adolescents, adults, and seniors of every religious background, race, and ethnicity.

Because we are committed to making our quality services accessible and affordable to all, we accept most major insurance coverage, including Medicare and Medicaid in Maryland and Virginia.

Where We Work

JSSA provides services at three locations across Northern Virginia and Maryland.

You can also access JSSA’s services through partnerships with more than 70 schools, synagogues, pediatric and geriatric medical practices, senior and community centers, senior living residences, and hospitals throughout our community.

Our door is open—come in.

We are grateful for the generous philanthropic investment and support we receive from individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations, community organizations, and state and government agencies. We are proud to partner with The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

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