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Category: Adults

  1. Grieving During the Holidays

    I asked a friend recently how she was coping with the death of her mother during the holidays.…
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  2. Erich
  3. How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without Dad

    Being an adoptive father was the most important part of his life.
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  4. Making Connections in Times of Isolation

    Social distancing in times of COVID is taking its toll on our mental health and well-being. It…
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  5. Parenting Those With Autism During the Pandemic

    Parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic and during stay-at-home orders present an array of new…
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    Woman playing a puzzle with boy
  6. Parenting and Managing Online Learning During the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shift in the family system, as many parents find…
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  7. Providing Care at All Stages of Life

    At JSSA we empower our clients to overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives. What…
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    JSSA helps individuals at all stages of life: children, adults, and seniors
  8. If You Want to Adopt a Child, Make a Home Study Your First Step

    Author: Beth Lutton, LCSW-C/LISW, Adoption Options Executive Director Home Study | Top…
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    “Staff Tips and Strategies” and a drawing of a family in green
  9. Learning From Grief

    As human beings, we will experience loss many times in our lives. I have found that in these…
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    how river stones can help us learn from grief
  10. Understanding and Embracing Mindfulness

    Mindfulness – it seems like we’re hearing it everywhere these days, in schools, hospitals,…
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    understanding and embracing mindfulness with JSSA