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  1. Building Connections: A Conversation with Erik Ewers of Hiding in Plain Sight

     Doing a project he was “voluntold” to do by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker Erik…
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  2. Finding Hope in the Youth Mental Health Crisis

    Experiencing mental health challenges is part of being human. This is an unavoidable fact,…
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  3. Giving Youth a Voice: Mental Health in Fairfax County

    When it comes to deciding how mental health services are provided to youth, who can better…
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  4. You Are Not Your Diagnosis, and Your Diagnosis is Not You

    Bipolar! Schizophrenic! Depressed! You went to see a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist,…
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  5. When Enough is Enough: Balancing Your Child’s Extracurriculars

    Between sports programs, scout meetings, music lessons, and art classes, our children have…
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    balancing children's extracurriculars to prevent burnout
  6. Grieving During the Holidays

    I asked a friend recently how she was coping with the death of her mother during the holidays.…
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  7. Meet Marta Bohorquez: A Passionate Advocate

    As the job development coordinator in JSSA’s Employment Services program, Marta is part…
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  8. With JSSA’s Encouragement, Training, and Coaching, Robert Landed a Job!

     With JSSA’s Encouragement, Training, and Coaching, Robert Landed a Job!   Robert is…
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  9. The Pride of Cabin John CVS Health

    Celia came to JSSA in 2017 for employment assistance after recently earning her…
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  10. Learning to Recognize and Support an Anxious Child

    Anxiety is a natural response to ambiguity in life, even in childhood and adolescence. And…
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