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My father was 93 years old when he died in November of 2007. He had served in the American Army during World War II in Normandy and the Argonne Forest. His Army Division liberated the Buchenwald Camp. Afterward, he earned a master’s degree in social work and a law degree from The George Washington University. […]

Have you recently experienced a death of a loved one? Are you struggling with a wave of feelings that are confusing? Do you feel alone? Do you feel different and that no one understands you? These are just some of the feelings one feels when they are grieving. Please know that these feelings are normal […]

Join our support group for seniors 60+ struggling to maintain relationships with their adult children for a wide variety of reasons.  Topics will include how to set boundaries to protect yourself from abuse and working with children with mental illness. Participants will receive support and guidance as well as resources for additional help. Begins Tuesday, […]

Have you found yourself unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic? Join our adult support group for those unemployed during the crisis. We will share resources, emotional support and learn problem solving techniques for issues related to unemployment. We will also talk about how to create structure in your day and adopt positive self-care habits. Resources for […]

The “sandwich generation” is the point in adulthood when we must balance the responsibilities of parenting along with the responsibilities of caring for parents who are experiencing a decline in health and independence. This period involves the stress of meeting the needs of both the elder and younger generation, without the support we once received […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shift in the family system, as many parents find themselves wearing the hat of a homeschool teacher in addition to working from home and maintaining their household responsibilities. While this extra time spent together offers bonding opportunities, it also poses challenges for parents who need to manage their children’s […]

These difficult and unprecedented times posed by the coronavirus pandemic have increased the stress levels of people worldwide. For some, the uncertainty surrounding this global crisis can lead to significant anxiety. For others, the unintended effects of social distancing or isolating yourself from others, such as loneliness, increased financial pressure, or loss of routine can […]

Join us for a social support group that will help teens and young adults learn new techniques to socialize during social distancing. The group will go over (and in some cases participate in) different games, activities, and applications available to help in maintaining social interaction with family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic. Date: Begins […]

JSSA is partnering with The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington to provide financial assistance to members of the Jewish Community during this public health crisis. Individuals and families who need assistance with things like housing, utilities, food, medical expenses, mental health, or other relevant emergency needs that are not covered by the Federal Stimulus may […]

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, JSSA has been remotely helping over 100 individuals with disabilities secure in-demand jobs, stay safe in their current jobs, apply for unemployment benefits, and much more. “Our Specialized Employment Services (SES) program helps teens and adults with disabilities – including those with autism – achieve long-term career success and self-sufficiency,” […]

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