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Category: Specialized Employment

  1. The Pride of Cabin John CVS Health

    Celia came to JSSA in 2017 for employment assistance after recently earning her…
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  2. Maryland Works, Inc. Names JSSA “Provider of the Year”

    JSSA’s Specialized Employment Services will receive the “Provider of the…
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  3. My JSSA Story: Emily, A Specialized Employment Services Client

    Emily* was earning money as a dog walker and self-published author when she was referred to…
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    JSSA Specialized Employment services helped a young woman with autism get a pharmacy technician job
  4. My JSSA Story: Jason, an Out and About! Participant

    Jason*, age 30, describes himself as a bit of a nerd. “I like comics, TV, games, movies,…
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    Young adult with special needs painting pottery with JSSA's Out and About social club
  5. JSSA’s Specialized Employment Partnership with RSV Pools on ABC7

    On Monday, September 4th, WJLA-ABC7 featured the new innovative partnership between JSSA and…
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    JSSA's Specialized Employment services partnered with RSV Pools in Maryland to create a summer jobs program for students with autism.
  6. JSSA’s Specialized Employment Services Featured on ABC7 News

    Evan Friedman, 30, offers employers a unique set of strengths and abilities. Like many of…
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    JSSA's Specialized Employment services featured on ABC7 News
  7. Being “Heard” in the Workplace

    Author: Alison Axelrod, MSW, Employment Specialist Diversity in the workplace benefits…
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    “Staff Tips and Strategies” and a drawing of a family in green