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Therapy Group for Adolescents

The focus of this group will be on the “here and now” experience of group members. It is designed to allow members to learn skills and gain insight into how they relate to others in an honest and supportive environment. Do you have thoughts that sound like this? If so, this group could be for […]

Support Group for Seniors (60+) Estranged from their Children

n our support group for seniors 60+ struggling to maintain relationships with their adult children for a wide variety of reasons.  Topics will include how to set boundaries to protect yourself from abuse and working with children with mental illness. Participants will receive support and guidance as well as resources for additional help. Begins Wednesday, […]

Making Connections in Times of Isolation

Social distancing in times of COVID is taking its toll on our mental health and well-being. It is hard not to lose perspective when we have to isolate from those whose company make our lives rich and meaningful. This year, many of us fear the change in season when dropping temperatures and shorter days limit […]

How to Manage Care of Loved Ones in Assisted Living Facilities

The “sandwich generation” is the point in adulthood when we must balance the responsibilities of parenting along with the responsibilities of caring for parents who are experiencing a decline in health and independence. This period involves the stress of meeting the needs of both the elder and younger generation, without the support we once received […]

Parenting Those With Autism During the Pandemic

Parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic and during stay-at-home orders present an array of new challenges for many parents. But for parents of children or young adults who have autism, parenting during this time creates unique and perhaps even more difficult challenges. Individuals with autism may be confused about what is happening. Depending on where they […]

How to Prepare for a Health Care Emergency

As cold and flu season looms while COVID-19 lingers, it’s more important than ever to make sure your health care wishes are known if you have an illness or emergency and can’t speak for yourself. Given the overlap of COVID-19 and influenza, what better time is there to prepare than now? Whether you’re 18 or […]

Talking to Your Kids About Racism

It can be difficult talking to your children about racism and discrimination. Some parents worry about exposing their children to racial issues too early. Others shy away from talking about racism because they themselves might not fully understand and aren’t comfortable talking about it. And other parents don’t have a choice but to discuss racism […]

Challenges of Managing Distance Learning for High School Students

Are you the parent of a high schooler who’s struggling during this pandemic?  This group will provide a space where you can share some of the challenges your high schooler may be experiencing as well as the difficulties you may be facing in parenting your high schooler.  We’ll share strategies on what’s working for you […]

Challenges of Managing Your Tween’s Social Media Use

Social media has become a dominant part of our everyday lives and is particularly concerning for parents of tweens (ages 9-12) during the pandemic. This group will focus on the unique challenges for parents with a tween who uses or is planning to use social media. Guest contributors will include teens who are aware of […]

School Support Group for Parents of Elementary Age Children

Wondering how to help your child manage online learning in the upcoming school year? This group will provide parents with support in identifying resources and strategies to make the most out of online learning.  We will work together and learn from each other what tips and tricks may help you and your child. DATE: Thursdays […]

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