Board of Directors

JSSA's Board steers us towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, legal governance, and financial management policies.

The Board helps ensure JSSA has adequate resources to advance our mission.

JSSA’s Board also provides a vital source of tangible assistance to JSSA through members’ financial contributions, fundraising, and Ambassadorship to the Greater Washington region.

Learn more about JSSA’s Ambassador’s Council.

Executive Committee

President: Ruth Z. Ruskin
Vice President: Robin Thomashauer
Secretary: Grant Ottenstein
Treasurer: Michael Mael


Board of Directors

Rhonda Brandes Harold Krauthamer
Yvonne S. Distenfeld Jeffrey Krauthamer
David Flyer Solomon Levy
Bill Frick Suzy Levy
Patti Goldman Esther Newman
Scott Green Marcia Nusgart
Jonathan Harris Susan Plotnick
Roberta Hochberg Joe Rosenberg
Candi Kaplan Pat Silver
Sarah Kaplan Jeff Yentis