Board of Directors

JSSA's Board steers us towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, legal governance, and financial management policies.

The Board helps ensure JSSA has adequate resources to advance our mission.

JSSA’s Board also provides a vital source of tangible assistance to JSSA through members’ financial contributions, fundraising, and Ambassadorship to the Greater Washington region.

Learn more about JSSA’s Ambassador’s Council.

Executive Committee

President: Ruth Z. Ruskin
Vice President: Robin Thomashauer
Secretary: Grant Ottenstein
Treasurer: Michael Mael


Board of Directors

Rhonda Brandes Jean Moise
Yvonne S. Distenfeld Esther Newman
David Flyer Marcia Nusgart
Patti Goldman Grant Ottenstein*
Jonathan Harris Susan Plotnick
Roberta Hochberg Ruth Ruskin*
Sarah Kaplan Patricia Silver
Harold Krauthamer Joel Stillman
Jeffrey Krauthamer Erica Strudler
Mitchell Lahr Robin Thomashauer*
Solomon Levy Jeff Yentis
Suzy Levy
Althea Lloyd-White
Michael Mael* Non-Voting Board Representative:
Dorothy Matlis Rebecca Murow Klein


* Executive