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How to Address “Mean Girls” Behavior

Author: Orly Zimmerman-Leizerov, LGSW, Social Worker While bullying has been the subject of many media reports and community wide programs in recent years, little attention has been directed toward a type of covert bullying that is predominantly found among girls and has been termed “relational aggression.” Unlike overt bullying, in which clear physically aggressive acts […]

Pre-Holiday Advice on Discussing Tough Financial Times with Young Children

Authors: Leslie Kessler, LCSW-C. LICSW, Clinical Social Worker and Deborah Goldstein, LCSW-C, Clinical Director The effects of our nation’s weak economy are especially being felt in many of our community’s homes in the weeks before the December gift-giving holidays. Children are exposed to heavier-than-usual advertising and friends talking about what they are going to get […]

Stealing Their Thunder: Understanding and Recognizing Bullying

Author: Andrew McGahan, LCSW, LICSW, Clinical Director On the 1950s “Leave It to Beaver” TV show, a bully was a boy who beat up another boy as a show of power. Today boys and girls are drawn into bullying, often using much more subtle emotional manipulations. In addition, cyber bullying is an increasingly popular way […]

Spotting Troubling “Back to School” Behaviors Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Warning Signs of Stress

Author: Leslie Kessler, LCSW-C, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker and Synagogue Liaison and Deborah Goldstein, LCSW-C, Clinical Director As the new academic school year approaches so do many changes for children – perhaps cursive instead of printing, seven teachers instead of one, new classmates, maybe a new school. Adults’ expectations of students also rise each year […]

Soothing Sibling Rivalry: Parenting Tips

Author: Deborah Goldstein, LCSW-C, Clinical Director Growing up in a family with more than one child has its pros and cons. Living with brothers and sisters offers many opportunities to learn important social lessons –such as how to compromise, how to share parents’ attention, and how to tolerate not getting your way every time. However, […]

Summer Camp Time Already? Tips for Selecting A Camp For Your Special Needs Child

Author: Jamell White, Ph.D., LCSW-C, Director, Special Needs and Deaf Services Before you know it it’s it’s time to start thinking about summer camp! Selecting the right summer programs that are convenient, affordable and amenable to working with your child’s needs may take some research. Programs can be found within the Jewish community through JSSA, […]

Proceed with Care: The Art of Discussing Risky Behaviors with Teens

Author: JSSA Child and Family Staff As our children become teenagers, they often hear about, talk about and have access to more risky behaviors. Among parents, anxiety about these possibilities also grows. Conveying expectations and concerns to teenage children can feel like a minefield. Adolescents naturally strive to protect their freedom, and it is normal […]

Bouncing Back from Adversity: Tips on Building Resilience in Your Child

Author: Stanley Fagen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist As they grow up, children must discover the difficult reality that each of us will go through some upsetting times with others. In school, on the playground, at camp or in after school activities, children will inevitably experience embarrassment, disappointment and hurt. These emotions might be sparked by feeling […]

Solving the “Rubik’s Cube” of Social Skills

Author: Jamell White, Ph.D., LCSW-C, Clinical Director, Special Needs and Deaf Services Making friends, joining in group games or projects, attending parties and relaxing with extended family are often among life’s pleasures. However, some children, teens and young adults find working, playing and celebrating with others as puzzling as trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube. […]

Loosening Worry’s Hold on an Anxious Child

Author: JSSA’s Child and Family Department Anxiety is a natural response to ambiguity in life, even in childhood and adolescence. And while a bit of anxiety has been shown to be helpful in encouraging motivation, many children and teens experience an unhealthy level of anxiety. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America reports that anxiety disorders […]

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