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Bouncing Back from Adversity: Tips on Building Resilience in Your Child

Author: Stanley Fagen, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist As they grow up, children must discover the difficult reality that each of us will go through some upsetting times with others. In school, on the playground, at camp or in after school activities, children will inevitably experience embarrassment, disappointment and hurt. These emotions might be sparked by feeling […]

Solving the “Rubik’s Cube” of Social Skills

Author: Jamell White, Ph.D., LCSW-C, Clinical Director, Special Needs and Deaf Services Making friends, joining in group games or projects, attending parties and relaxing with extended family are often among life’s pleasures. However, some children, teens and young adults find working, playing and celebrating with others as puzzling as trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube. […]

Guiding Children from Meltdown to Mellowed

Author: Deborah Goldstein, LCSW-C, Clinical Director Preschool children are prone to “meltdowns,” or uncontrollable outbursts of emotion. Uncomfortable as they can be for the preschoolers and adults involved, meltdowns are normal in different populations of children, as these youngsters have yet to develop self-control and are easily overwhelmed by their emotions. Various triggers can send […]

The Tools to Manage Your Child’s Stress: Tips on Using Problem-Solving Skills

Author: Jennifer Firestone, LCSW-C, Clinical Social Worker As they grow up children are continually discovering that challenges can enter their lives at any stage. Young children, for example, often have “meltdowns” or tantrums when they have to wait for what they want. Those in middle childhood may have so many activities that they might often […]

Nurturing Your 2 and 3 Year-Old’s Development

Author: Andrea LoBalbo, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker Watching how your child plays, behaves, learns and speaks gives you clues into their development. Children grow and develop at different rates and the same child may develop more quickly in one area than another. Developmental milestones are tasks most children can do by a certain age. Be […]

Easing the Stress of Report Card Season Tips for Parents and Students

Author: Deborah Goldstein, LCSW-C, Clinical Director Mid-year report card season can be stressful on families. Parents may finally have to face up to problems that have been brewing at school all semester. Some students may fear parents finding they’ve earned disappointing marks. Others may cringe to bring home even one grade that’s below an A. […]

Job #1 in Preschool: Teaching Social Skills

Author: JSSA Child and Family Staff Preschool is a wonderful time to capitalize on children’s natural curiosity about the world. Yet an even more essential lesson from ages 2-5 is developing good social skills. Activities such as circle time, free play, music, and art help children learn the principles that will allow them to work […]

Five Steps Toward Cultivating Self-Control in Children

Author: Deborah Goldstein, LCSW-C, Clinical Director In the world of a young child, frustration may come from many daily situations. Waiting your turn, feeling uncertainty, or choosing among too many options are a few of the challenges that can cause a pre-schooler to tantrum, hurt others or act out in other ways. However, adults caring […]

Regression in Preschoolers

Author: JSSA Early Childhood Services Q: My middle child is turning 3 this month, and she has become extremely clingy. She wants to be in my lap constantly and when in my lap coos, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” She fights for attention with the baby 1 ½ years younger and her older brother, 4. She has […]

Preschoolers – Stretching the Truth or Lying

Author: JSSA Child and Family Staff Q: My preschoolers have been stretching the truth or making up stories a lot these days. Sometimes this is expressed as imaginative “stories,”, but sometimes it’s just simple lying. How do I handle this? How do I teach them that lying is bad? Or do I? A: Lying at […]

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