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Who Will Speak for You: Advance Care Planning and COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. With the COVID-19 pandemic, having an accessible health care plan if you are unable to speak for yourself is critical. Now more than ever, health care providers need guidance from patients and their families. Having a proactive conversation with your health care provider and those who matter most about your health […]

Providing Care at All Stages of Life

At JSSA we empower our clients to overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives. What sets us apart from other social service agencies in the Greater Washington metropolitan area? One difference is our ability to provide assistance to individuals and families at all stages of life, including 78-year-old Ruth and her 53-year-old daughter, […]

Things to Consider… When Considering Assisted Living

Older adults tend to agree with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz: “There is no place like home.” While some eventually move in with family or to smaller homes, many resist the idea of moving to a residential care facility, commonly referred to as assisted living. When they enter an assisted living facility, it’s usually because […]

Signs of Stress in Seniors and How to Manage it

As adults get older, age-related challenges like medical conditions, cognitive changes, caretaking demands, financial concerns, and the loss of a loved one can cause stress. Whether the stress is short-term or chronic, your body responds by releasing hormones into the bloodstream that speed up the heart, the breath, and other physical processes. According to the American Psychological Association, the problem […]

Advance Care Planning: Helping Others Help You

As individuals and families begin to think about aging, they tend to focus on the completion of advance directives, such as a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare. While these are important documents designed to preserve the right of patients to refuse medical treatment, advance directives are only one part of the […]

The Other Holocaust Survivors in Bethesda Magazine

In the January-February 2016 issue of Bethesda Magazine, Eugene L. Meyer writes about Russian Jews living right here in Montgomery County who faced unimaginable hardships during the Holocaust. They live under the radar, 330 Russian-speaking Jews who survived World War II and ended up in Montgomery County. They range in age from 72 to 94; three […]

The End of Life is Different for Holocaust Survivors

In JTA, Melissa Apter writes about the special challenges that Jewish hospice chaplains, including JSSA’s Rabbi David Rose, experience when providing spiritual support to Holocaust survivors and their families at the end of life. Hospice offers families pre-bereavement counseling, 13-months of aftercare and access to preferred clergy. Special sensitivity is paid to spouses who are […]

Worrying About Mom and Dad – Caregiving Tips

Authors: JSSA Senior Services and JSSA Hospice Staff “My parents are getting by on their own, but just barely. My father has emphysema, and my mother bears a lot of the responsibility for him. It’s very hard for her to maintain their apartment, cook, help my dad with bathing and dressing, do laundry, and care […]

Spending Time with Family…Balancing “How Much” and “How To”

Author: Senior Services Department How much time do you want to spend with your children and grandchildren? And what would you prefer to do when you get together? Are their expectations different from yours? Balancing your expectations of family time with your children’s can be challenging. Even when all of you have the best of […]

JSSA’s Transitions Program Volunteers: Caring Support for the Seriously Ill

Caring for the seriously ill is often a Herculean task. The emotional and physical resources of the patient’s family can be quickly exhausted, and they can find themselves in critical need of additional support. The Transitions program at JSSA provides that support from the community through a dedicated corps of  more than 100 trained and […]

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