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Providing Care at All Stages of Life

November 8, 2017
Adults / Clients / Mental Health / Seniors
JSSA helps individuals at all stages of life: children, adults, and seniors

At JSSA we empower our clients to overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives. What sets us apart from other social service agencies in the Greater Washington metropolitan area? One difference is our ability to provide assistance to individuals and families at all stages of life, including 78-year-old Ruth and her 53-year-old daughter, Debbie. 

Earlier this year, Debbie started noticing that her mother was struggling in her day-to-day life. Ruth’s glaucoma was interfering with her daily routine, and everyday tasks that were once easy, such as cooking and driving, were becoming increasingly challenging. Additionally, there were the days that Ruth seemed to depressed to join her friends for their weekly card game.

Debbie also worried that her mom was more forgetful. But was Ruth experiencing the onset of dementia or simply an age-related decline?

Physically and mentally exhausted from juggling her mother’s growing needs plus those of her own kids, husband, and full-time job, Debbie realized she need extra support to manage this stressful time in her life.

So she called JSSA.

After a scheduled consultation with JSSA’s Mental Health department, Debbie is now seeing a clinician once a week to learn how to take care of her own emotional well-being. She then arranged for a geriatric care manager to help her mother coordinate all of Ruth’s medical appointments and medications. Ruth is also receiving nutritious meals each week from JSSA so she can continue to live independently with dignity.

Many people are surprised to learn that JSSA is a non-profit organization. We rely on the generosity of our community to support individuals at all stages of life and to bring our services to the children, families, adults, and seniors who need them the most.

If you would like to make a donation towards our end-of-year fundraising campaign, please click here.

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