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Angelica Ponce (En Español)

Angelica Ponce, a JSSA specialized employment client, speaks about finding a job. English Translation “I had spinal cord injury. I thought I would never be able to walk again. I was in intensive therapy for three years. Then I had to use a walker to walk until I was finally able to walk. When you are injured […]

When Planning for Retirement, Consider Transportation

By Harriett Edleson For Roland Dion, 81, who lives on the eastern edge of San Diego, being isolated in a place where the car rules is all too real a possibility. Read the full article  

Joy Sexton Interviewed about Hospice Care on “Senior Solutions”

Host Mindy Felinton “Hello and welcome to Senior Solutions, where we bring you topics affecting seniors and their loved ones. I’m your host Mindy Felinton. Some of you have probably heard about hospice, and those of you who haven’t, you are going to learn a lot today about that. For those of you who have heard about […]

Building A Strong, Satisfying Marriage

Written By: Scott Kreeger, LCSW-C Many couples approach their wedding day with their thoughts and energy focused on choosing a wedding venue, selecting flowers, deciding on food and music. All too often couples spend little or not time on important discussions about such topics such as what the expectations are of their relationship, how they will […]

‘The Pain Changes Your Life’: Parents Seek Answers After Teen Suicides

Written By: Suzanne Pollak Rabbi Adam Raskin found himself gazing out onto a sanctuary filled with grieving family members and friends of 16-year old Evan Rosenstock, who had committed suicide, and realized he had an opportunity. “My priority number one was obviously to comfort the family and pay homage to Evan’s life,” said Raskin of Congregation […]

Holocaust Survivor Fund Far From $5 Million Goal

By:  David Holzel, Senior Writer A fund to serve Holocaust survivors in Greater Washington has collected less than half the amount that fundraisers say is the minimum needed to care for this elderly and increasingly fragile population. Launched last June by the Jewish Social Service Agency, which provides services for Holocaust survivors, and administered by […]

How to Address “Mean Girls” Behavior

By: Orly Zimmerman-Leizerov, LGSW While bullying has been the subject of many media reports and community wide programs in recent years, little attention has been directed toward a type of covert bullying that is predominantly found among girls and has been termed “relational aggression.” Unlike overt bullying, in which clear physically aggressive acts can be […]

JSSA Provides Community Services in Northern Virginia

By: Andrew McGahan, LCSW, Clinical Director, JSSA Northern Virginia The Jewish Social Service Agency brought its expertise and broad range of services to Northern Virginia nearly three decades ago. Since then, JSSA has helped thousands of children, adolescents, adults and seniors of all faiths through expert mental health counseling, care coordination, home-care services for seniors, […]

Hospice-Trained Volunteers Prepare for What’s Left

By: Max Moline, Staff Writer Write down the names of the four people closest to you, your four most important roles in life, your four favorite activities and your four most cherished possessions. Crumple up and throw out one from each category. Do the same with four more items. Have someone take away four at […]

Real-Life Hospice Story: Beverly Kitzinger

By: Christy Brudin, Editor, Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook Beverly Kitzinger was a woman with incredible faith and undeniable strength. The mother of five children, she was an accomplished elementary school teacher, who taught in the Montgomery County school system for 27 years while raising her family. While her husband, Joe, was a devout Catholic, […]

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