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JSSA’s Marta Bohorquez on Univision

November 21, 2014
Agency News

Marta_Univison Silvana Quiroz and Néstor Bravo interview Employment Development Specialist Marta Bohorquez on Buenos Días D.C. 

Watch The Show (in Spanish)

English Translation:

Silvana: Hello, let me introduce her. You may already know her as she visited us just a few weeks ago. Her name is Marta Bohorquez. She works with an organization that helps people with disabilities. Right Marta? Good morning to you.

Marta: Good morning Silvana and Néstor. Thank you very much for inviting me to be on your show once again. Yes, this time I here for something new. I work for the Jewish Social Service Agency, specifically in the department dedicated to employment for people with disabilities. We’re doing some wonderful things there and we’re planning on doing even more. There are Federal laws that are passing that require employers to hire people with disabilities.

Néstor: That’s great. There is something that I’m curious about, just because we live in an area that is very friendly for people who have disabilities and everywhere you go and in all buses, it’s always accessible.  I think people in general are pretty aware of the needs of people with disabilities. But tell me Marta, what is your organization doing to increase even more awareness to help this group of people live normal lives like the rest of us?

Marta: Sure, what we do in the Specialized Employment department is we equip the person to be successful in this job market. For example, a person who has suffered a stroke might find it hard being away from the job market for months or even years. So we can equip them with a resume and references. We have them practice mock interview, develop self-esteem and show them how to dress, talk and seat.

Silvana: This is all very important. The question that I have is, because this is a Jewish organization, can people from other religions also access these services?

Marta: I’m so glad you’ve asked me, Silvana. There is no impediment to access these services, we serve all. In fact, I am not Jewish and I work there. Also, I might be the only person in the county who provides employment services in Spanish. Therefore Spanish speakers come to us often.

Nestor: I bet there are people at home wondering right now how can they get a hold of you and your organization so they can also obtain the kind of support you guys are providing the community.

Marta: May I share my phone number?

Nestor: Sure you can.

Marta: 301-461-8753.

Néstor: Marta, can you please repeat it one more time?

Marta: 301-461-8753. I’ll be happy to guide them; we serve a variety of disabilities – as long as they are able to work independently after some period of support in the job. In other words, we provide job coaching on site at the beginning, but eventually the goal is that they become independent. If they call me, I’ll guide them in what steps they need to take in order to open a case and start working with us.

Néstor: You will help them.

Silvana: People need help. Thank you very much Marta for the beautiful work you’re doing.