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‘The Pain Changes Your Life’: Parents Seek Answers After Teen Suicides

September 30, 2014
Agency News

Written By: Suzanne Pollak

Rabbi Adam Raskin found himself gazing out onto a sanctuary filled with grieving family members and friends of 16-year old Evan Rosenstock, who had committed suicide, and realized he had an opportunity.

“My priority number one was obviously to comfort the family and pay homage to Evan’s life,” said Raskin of Congregation Har Shalom. He also felt strongly that “this could be my only shot to speak to all these kids – and lots [of them] had to be retracing their steps, rechecking their text messages,” wondering if they could have done anything to help Rosenstock, who died 16 months ago.

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* JSSA’s Suicide Grief Support Program was mentioned in this article.