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Category: Mental Health

  1. Seven Tips for Managing Your Mental Health During a Global Pandemic

    Life has changed radically since March 2020. One week we were comfortably sitting in our…
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  2. What is Mental Health Literacy, and Why is it Important?

    You have heard about it on the news – the number of people struggling with mental health…
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  3. News Headlines Getting You Down? Here’s How You Can Cope

    To say the least, 2020 thus far has been chaotic, uncertain, and stressful. From the COVID-19…
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  4. Parenting and Managing Online Learning During the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shift in the family system, as many parents find…
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  5. Managing Depression and Anxiety During the Pandemic

    These difficult and unprecedented times posed by the coronavirus pandemic have increased the…
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  6. Discussing Alarming Current Events with Your Children

    When frightening events occur, children need guidance and support as they try to process what…
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  7. 6 Ways to Set Limits on Your Child’s Use of Electronics

    Summer often means less daily structure and more screen time. While research has found…
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    6 Ways to Set Limits on Your Child's Use of Electronics
  8. JSSA Mental Health Clinician: Talk to Your Kids About Depression and Suicide

    Following the suicides at the end of last year of two local teens, Heidi Cohen, LCSW-C,…
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    Why parents need to talk to their kids about depression and suicide
  9. Providing Care at All Stages of Life

    At JSSA we empower our clients to overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives. What…
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    JSSA helps individuals at all stages of life: children, adults, and seniors
  10. How to Help Your Child Successfully Transition to Middle School

    The beginning of a new school year marks a major transition in the life of every child.…
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    Transitioning to Middle School