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Providing Care at All Stages of Life

At JSSA we empower our clients to overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives. What sets us apart from other social service agencies in the Greater Washington metropolitan area? One difference is our ability to provide assistance to individuals and families at all stages of life, including 78-year-old Ruth and her 53-year-old daughter, […]

If You Want to Adopt a Child, Make a Home Study Your First Step

Author: Beth Lutton, LCSW-C/LISW, Adoption Options Executive Director Home Study | Top Adoption Questions JCS, which is Baltimore Jewish community’s source of expert help with adoptions, is collaborating with Washington’s JSSA to meet the needs of prospective adoptive families throughout the life cycle. JSSA is available to provide pre-home study counseling, home study services, and […]

Learning From Grief

As human beings, we will experience loss many times in our lives. I have found that in these losses, I am learning from grief. This is counter to our cultural ethos that suggests that grief is something we just have to get past. Rather, our grief teaches us and helps us grow as individuals. Our grief […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day Without a Father

My father was 93 years old when he died in November of 2007. He had served in the American Army during World War II in Normandy and the Argonne Forest. His Army Division liberated the Buchenwald Camp. Afterward, he earned a master’s degree in social work and a law degree from The George Washington University. […]

Understanding and Embracing Mindfulness

Mindfulness – it seems like we’re hearing it everywhere these days, in schools, hospitals, workplaces and therapy offices. If you are not sure what mindfulness is, join the crowd – you are in good company! What is it? Simply put, mindfulness is the state of being aware of what’s going on both inside and outside […]

Coping with Recuperation

Author: Reverend Deborah Vaughn, M.Div., JSSA Hospice Chaplain Recently, I read a post on a favorite blog by someone who had to have foot surgery.  The day before her procedure she posted on Facebook that she’d never been on crutches before and asked for tips on how to manage it. Each health challenge is different, […]

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Divorce

Author: JSSA Child and Family Staff How you tell your spouse and what you tell your spouse about wanting a divorce is of critical importance because it can set the tone for how the divorce unfolds. Enrolling in counseling can help you prepare for how to break the news and also how to manage the […]

Tips for Those Caring for Someone with Hoarding Behaviors

Author: Child and Family Department Do you know or care about someone who collects items excessively to the point that a space is no longer able to be used for its intended purpose? Are you concerned about the person’s safety and about your relationship? You are not alone. What is Hoarding? Hoarding is a mental […]

Supporting Families – Easing the Challenges of Divorce

Author: Lori Gunner Kolle, LCSW-C, Clinical Director and Scott Kreeger, LCSW-C, Clinical Social Worker Going through a divorce is a time of complex change for many families. Relationships are in flux, living situations are changing, and patterns of communication often shift. Amid the new arrangements, it’s critical to prioritize managing the emotional impacts on parents and […]

Learning the Art of Respectful Disagreement

Author: Lori Gunner Kolle, LCSW-C, Clinical Director Living together as a couple can be wonderful, but even good relationships have times of disagreement and stress. Money, family and childcare responsibilities, and division of labor can all cause potential conflict. One way to keep a marriage strong is to learn to disagree respectfully with your partner, […]

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