JSSA’s Synagogue Liaison Program began in 2001 with the goal to bring access to mental health services and supports where people need it most – in their communities. Over the years, JSSA has partnered with more than two dozen synagogues across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, to provide education, information, training, and support on a variety of mental health and wellness topics supporting children, youth, and families across their lifespan, ranging from early childhood development to caring for an elderly parent.

In partnership with synagogue staff, JSSA’s mental health providers are available to provide consultation and access to mental health treatment to individuals and families experiencing a crisis either through individual meetings or facilitating support groups.

Synagogue Liaison Program Offerings Include:

Pre-School Consultations

JSSA provides licensed and experienced mental health professionals specializing in early childhood development to support children, families, and staff in pre-school settings.  These services may include any or all of the following: behavioral consultations and plan development (in collaboration with families and staff), classroom observations. staff coaching and support, workshops, and presentations (designed for families and staff).

To order these services please indicate the number of hours you’d like to purchase on the Services Request Form.  Also, please indicate if you’d like our staff to provide support virtually or in person.


Individual Consultations

JSSA provides licensed mental health professionals who can provide information and support to individuals and families seeking consultation related to mental health services and/or a mental health issue or concern.  Consultations are scheduled in advance and can be provided virtually or in person.

To order these services, please click on the Purchase Services link above and indicate the number of hours you’d like to have a professional available to meet with individuals and families on the Service Request Form.

Individual Consultation Offerings



JSSA’s team of over 50 licensed mental health professionals possess a wide-ranging array of knowledge, experience, and specialized training, making them an excellent resource for education and information about mental health and wellness.

JSSA can offer a number of one-time presentations/workshops (up to 90 minutes) on a number of topics that may be of interest.

Presentations/Workshops are scheduled in advance and can be provided virtually or in person.

Presentations and Workshops Offerings


JSSA has extensive experience providing psycho-educational groups for children, teens, and adults.  These groups are typically time-limited (6, 8, or 12 weeks) and meet weekly to provide information and support to individuals with a commonly identified need (i.e. grief and loss, social skills, aging in place).  Groups are limited to a specific number of participants (usually 6 or 8 individuals) and can be facilitated in partnership with a member of the synagogue staff, or solely by a JSSA mental health provider.

Groups are scheduled in advance and can be provided virtually or in person.

Group Offerings


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