Hospice and the Jewish Community

JSSA Hospice understands the Jewish community and Jewish rituals around death and dying that address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families. JSSA Hospice was originally created to be our Jewish community’s hospice and to support the needs of terminally ill Jewish patients with compassion and a deep understanding of Jewish values.

Spiritual and Emotional Support for Our Jewish Community

Judaism recognizes that illness affects the whole person, not only the physical body, but also one’s mental/emotional state and financial stability.

JSSA Hospice emphasizes the importance of developing spiritual and emotional support systems that complement the work of the hospice medical team. In addition, JSSA Hospice team focuses on caring for the clients’ family as well – nihum avelim – reflects our dedication to a Jewish vision of “holistic care.”

Jewish Values Rooted in JSSA Hospice Services

  • A Jewish approach embracing r’fuat hanefesh and r’fuat haguf, holistic caring for the spirit and the body
  • Skilled care offered with shituf bi-tza’ar (empathy for those who are suffering or in pain) to help your loved one remain comfortably at home – whether their own home, the home of a family member, a senior living residence or a nursing facility
  • Specially trained physicians and nursing staff
  • Frequent nurse and staff visits ensuring personalized and coordinated care
  • Emotional and spiritual guidance, including bereavement support (centering on kavod ha-met – respect for those who have passed away) provided by experienced social workers and rabbis
  • Personal care assistance by skilled hospice aides
  • Bikkur cholim (visiting with the sick) and hesed shel emet (true kindness) through JSSA Hospice volunteer visits, companionship and respite care.

When congregants at B’nai Israel have the need for a hospice intervention for themselves or a loved one, I have unequivocally recommended JSSA Hospice knowing that they and their family will receive a maximum measure of dignity, empathy and care.  -Rabbi Jonathan Schnitzer

Community Health Accreditation Program LogoJSSA Hospice is accredited by Community Health Accreditation Program, a leader in home care accreditation.


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