JSSA’s Board of Directors help guide and support our agency’s mission by overseeing the agency’s operations, strategic direction and fiscal health.

Each board member is tasked with enhancing the reputation of the agency, increasing its visibility and importance to the community, and ensuring that the “heart” of the agency is present in all that we do every day.

*Of blessed memory

Executive Committee

President Ruth Ruskin
Vice President Robin Thomashauer
Secretary Grant Ottenstein
Treasurer Michael Mael

Board of Directors

Rhonda Brandes
Yvonne S. Distenfeld
David Flyer
Bill Frick
Patti Goldman
Jonathan Harris
Roberta Hochberg
Candi Kaplan
Sarah Kaplan
Harold Krauthamer

Jeffrey Krauthamer
Sol Levy
Suzy Levy
Esther Newman
Marcia Nusgart
Susan Plotnick
Joe Rosenberg
Pat Silver
Jeff Yentis

Past Presidents (Listed from 1923-2021)

Simon Lyon*
Isaac Nordlinger*
Fred Gichner*
Mrs. Charles E. (Aunt Minnie) Goldsmith*
Joseph Wilner*
Herbert Rich*
Paul Himmelfarb*
Bernard Nordlinger*
Joseph Ottenstein*
Samuel Higger*
Robert Sher*
David Bornet*
Miriam Bazelon-Knox*
Norman Cohen*
Jac J. Lehrman*
Richard England*
Sheldon S. Cohen
Julius Sankin*
Saul I. Stern*
Maurice R. Dunie*
Bernard S. White*

Irvin A. Lavine*
Irving P. Cohen
Gilbert Lessenco*
Richard Hollander*
Marilynn T. Yentis
Elaine O. Feidelman
Dr. Thomas L. Sacks
Stephen H. Eisen*
Barry R. Perlis
Martha K. Bindeman*
Michael R. Flyer
Jonathan Weinberg
Cathy Brodsky
Lyn Chasen
Deborah Lebbin
Edward Cooper
Cherie Artz
Jeffrey F. Abramson
Lawrence P. Kline
Candace G. Kaplan

Chai Life Members

Harold Krauthamer
Jeffrey Lawrence

Solomon Levy
Suzanne Levy

Ambassador's Council

The JSSA Ambassador’s Council is a leadership group of men and women who actively work to support the organization’s mission and programs as an advocate for JSSA in the community.

Co-chair: Michael Flyer
Co-chair: Judy Oppenheim
Jeffrey Abramson
Cherie B. Artz
Faith Bobrow
Phyllis Cela
Irving P. Cohen
Joan DePontet
Norman Eule
Elaine O. Feidelman
Michael Fingerhut
Michael Goldsmith
Sherri Gottlieb
Larrie Greenberg

Linda Hartman
Connie Heller
Leslie Kaplan
Larry Kline
Debi Lebbin
Barry Perlis
Lewis Priven
Ruth Ruskin
John Schmelzer
Rabbi Jonathan Schnitzer
Elaine Snider
Harriett Tritell
Susie Turnbull
Marilyn Yentis

Honorary Life Members

Harold Evans
Estelle Gelman

Jack Kay

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