Why support JSSA?

Because every gift matters! Your donation helps individuals and families across the Greater Washington metropolitan area receive the help they need to face life’s most demanding challenges. In 2016, JSSA served and supported more than 31,500 individuals, families, community members, and collaborative professionals.

By making a gift JSSA, you are providing people of all religious and economic backgrounds with access to mental health counseling, specialized employment services, adoption support, hospice care, and other empowering programs to help them achieve well-being.

What does your gift do?

  • $36 buys a Passover or Chanukah basket for a member of the community who needs traditional foods and items to celebrate the holidays
  • $108 purchases gift cards for two families to buy what is most important to them as part of JSSA’s Give-a-Gift program
  • $250 underwrites a year-long support group for parents who have lost a child
  • $1,000 subsidizes 14 social skills therapy group sessions for children struggling to make friends
  • $1,300 provides a homebound Holocaust survivor with 15 escorted round-trip visits to doctor appointments
  • $1,500 funds one week of hospice care for a terminally ill patient

How can you make a difference today?

Every contribution has the potential to transform lives.

In addition to making a monetary donation, you can support JSSA’s more than 120-year-old mission in a variety of ways, including volunteering your time, donating your used car, and giving the gift of stocks and bonds. Click here to learn all of the ways you can support JSSA.

On behalf of all of us at JSSA, thank you for making a difference.

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