Community Outreach

JSSA’s impact and reach extends far beyond its own clients. By partnering with area congregations and providing spiritual support to hospital patients and seniors, JSSA can offer expertise and assistance to the community at large.

Synagogue Liaison Program

JSSA’s Synagogue Liaison Program is an exciting partnership between JSSA and local congregations to address the complex challenges clergy, staff and families face in the 21st century.

Synagogue liaisons are experienced, licensed clinical social workers who provide ongoing support for clergy and staff, on-site short-term services for congregants, and workshops for the congregational community. Through JSSA’s Synagogue liaison, an accessible network of professional expertise and referrals to JSSA services and other community resources are streamlined.

  • A single contact at JSSA from whom synagogue clergy and staff can obtain consultation, and to whom they can directly refer congregants. Consultation is available to clergy, directors of preschools and religious schools, executive directors, teachers, and youth advisors, regarding member issues as well as programmatic, organizational and personal issues
  • Consultation to congregants about complex family and mental health issues offering strategies, resources and referrals
  • Consultation to synagogue committees such as Bikur Cholim, Tikkun Olam/Social Action, Caring Committee, etc.
  • Classroom observations and teacher consultations and training
  • Workshops and groups on topics of interest to staff or the congregation such as learning disabilities, parenting, caring for aging parents, and grief and loss

For more information about our Synagogue Liason Program, please contact Kirsten Sidell at or 301-610-8328.

Jewish Chaplaincy Services (JCS)

Jewish Chaplaincy Services (JCS) provides skilled pastoral care, along with spiritual and religious services to elders, hospital patients and those most vulnerable in the Jewish community.

JCS serves Jewish residents in facilities not under Jewish auspices, such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Our chaplains serve as Jewish resources, offering meaningful programming, as well as prayer leading on Shabbat and holidays.

Chaplains employ music and storytelling to engage Jews across a wide spectrum of ages, religious backgrounds and cognitive capacities. Whether in a stimulating discussion group, beautiful prayer service or intimate one-on-one conversation, JSSA chaplains offer the best of Jewish pastoral care.

Our Chaplains

JSSA’s chaplains, a group of fifteen experienced rabbis and cantors are professionally trained to provide spiritual and pastoral care. JSSA’s chaplains span the denominational spectrum, exemplifying the diversity that makes up the metro DC Jewish community.

For more information about JSSA’s Chaplaincy Program, please contact Susan Rendel at

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