Himmelfarb Mobile University

JSSA’s Himmelfarb Mobile University (HMU) program provides stimulating classes to residents of retirement and assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and participants in senior activity programs.

Created in 1989 under the sponsorship of the Paul and Annetta Himmelfarb Foundation, this award-winning program, through its committed volunteer teachers, has brought learning opportunities to more than 1500 seniors annually at more than 100 sites.

HMU presentations help ease isolation and provide intellectual stimulation to its audiences, many of whom cannot take advantage of community learning opportunities. HMU brings interesting learning opportunities to seniors where they live.

All classes are taught by volunteers – some actively working in or retired from their field of expertise – others teaching about their hobbies or interests. The hour-long classes encourage interaction in a “group learning” context. Programs can be scheduled as single presentations or multi-part sessions. While the classes are all different, a common theme brings “students” and “instructors” together: accessible enriching and enjoyable “lifelong learning” for our community’s seniors.

HMU “course topics” cover a wide range of subjects and interests including:

  • Art and architecture
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Geography
  • Literature and poetry
  • History
  • Economics
  • Music appreciation and musical presentations
  • Popular culture and current events – and more!!

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