Counseling Services for Children & Adolescents

A little extra help in coping may be needed, or there may be a deeper problem involved – emotional, psychological, physical or medical – that calls for our more specialized approach.

Sometimes, a special need such as a developmental delay, a learning disability, autism or autistic-like behavior may be at the root of a child’s difficulties, requiring our comprehensive and unique expertise.

JSSA’s staff of clinical social workers, therapists, psychologists, board-certified psychiatrists and educational specialists help identify the learning, emotional or psychological problem underlying many child and teen challenges. Our team provides the basis for addressing needs and determining the most appropriate treatment course.

JSSA provides ongoing assessment and treatment through a full range of therapeutic options including cognitive behavior therapy; psychodynamic psychotherapy; play therapy; mindfulness therapy; parent/child, family and group therapy; and other evidenced-based approaches.

JSSA provides both brief and longer-term intervention to achieve symptom relief and improved functioning at home and at school.

How JSSA Helps

JSSA’s staff provide a comprehensive evaluation to identify a child or teen’s particular areas of need and then create a plan of service, which could include:

Psychiatric Services

Please note that to receive psychiatric services, you or your child must already be receiving counseling services from a JSSA clinician. Please speak to your clinician if you would like to receive psychiatric services.

JSSA’s psychiatric services include psychiatric consultation and treatment for children, teens, and adults through a full range of therapeutic options.

These therapeutic options include:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy;
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy;
  • Family and group therapy; and
  • Other evidenced-based approaches.

JSSA provides both brief and longer-term intervention as needed. A comprehensive evaluation is provided to determine a plan of service. This plan could include a psychiatric evaluation and/or a medication management plan as needed.

JSSA’s psychiatric services are provided by board-certified psychiatrists with specialty areas ranging from pediatrics to working with adults with developmental delays to understanding autistic spectrum behaviors. They are experts in anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, senior specific issues and bereavement.

Insurance Information

JSSA accepts most major insurance for clinical services, as well as Medicare and Maryland Medicaid (JSSA does not accept DC or Virginia Medicaid). A reduced fee may be available for those clients without insurance or for services not covered by insurance based on financial need.

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