Bereavement Support

Facilitated by a clinician with specialized training and experience in grief, JSSA’s bereavement support groups offer a respectful and supportive setting for gaining insight and sharing feelings. Groups are offered at no charge.

The Bereavement/Grief Process

Bereavement is the period of grief and mourning after death. A normal reaction to loss, grief is a highly personal experience which is influenced by numerous factors including the nature of the relationship with the person who has died, the circumstances of the death, one’s cultural and religious background, and whether strong support systems are in place.

Grief can impact and sometimes challenge cognitive, emotional and physical functioning. The grieving process takes time, and there is no schedule for when it should be “finished.” Family, friends and one’s faith community can be great sources of support.

JSSA Hospice Bereavement Support Groups

Following the death of your loved one, your hospice social worker will reach out to you and your family to offer support and guidance. Other hospice programs have a separate bereavement staff, but JSSA Hospice recognizes the importance of maintaining the relationship our hospice social workers have already developed with you. In addition to providing individualized support, they will inform you about bereavement support groups at JSSA and in the wider community. Counseling at a more intensive level is also available at JSSA office locations.

Bereavement Support Groups currently offered at JSSA include:

  • Bereaved Parents Support Group
  • Newly Widowed Spouses Support Group
  • Suicide Grief Support Group
  • Support Group for Adults Grieving the Loss of a Parent (offered only in the spring and fall sessions)

Please Note: Pre-registration is required for all bereavement groups.  Please call 301-816-2633 or send us an email with inquiries or to pre-register.

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