For the Best in Child, Family, and Senior Services
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JSSA has been helping people across the Washington metropolitan area meet emotional, social and physical challenges for 120 years. For whatever life issues you or your family may confront, think JSSA.

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For the Best in Child and Family Services
...Think JSSA

JSSA provides the assistance and tools to improve the lives of children of all ages and their families. Whatever the challenge - difficulties in school...problems making friends...troubling behaviors...intense family dynamics...parenting that often seems overwhelming...JSSA can help. 


For the Best in Employment and Career Services

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JSSA provides the assistance and tools for unemployed professionals, those starting or changing careers and individuals with special needs to jump start their job search and find employment.


For the Best in Senior Services

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JSSA promotes and facilitates a positive, healthy aging process by providing a broad range of services to help seniors remain active and maintain independence.

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For the Best in Special Needs Services

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JSSA provides the assistance and tools to address a broad range of child, teen, and adult special needs issues including autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, learning disabilities and physical challenges.

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For the Best in Hospice Care

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JSSA's extraordinary life-affirming hospice services make it possible for people facing terminal illness to remain in the comfort of their homes and to experience a meaningful, peaceful and comfortable end-of-life.

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For the Best in Volunteer Services

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JSSA offers a wide range of fulfilling volunteer opportunities for individuals, families and groups who want to give back to the community in meaningful ways.

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JSSA Hospice 

         JSSA's 2014 Spring Gala - Family Ties - Featuring Goldie Hawn     Announcing Summer Workshops and Groups      Download This Passover Game and Sponsor Holiday Baskets for JSSA Clients in Need    




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Summer Workshops and Groups Now Posted!

JSSA Hospice
This Year JSSA Hospice Celebrates Its 30th AnniversaryJSSA Hospice - Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional End of Life Care

Last year, JSSA Hospice provided care for more than 1,500 terminally ill patients and support for their family members through a broad range of programs and services.


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 Goldie HawnJSSA's 2014 Spring Gala
Featuring Special Guest: Goldie Hawn
Jewish Roots, Local Ties, Blonde & Anxious... Almost Like the Rest of Us!
Register Today: May 18, 2014


Holiday Giving Logo
Please help a family in need celebrate Passover!

Sponsor holiday baskets of traditional foods and items that are delivered to JSSA clients in need. 
 Helping the Holocaust Survivor Community
JSSA suports more than 200 Holocaust survivor clients annually by providing emergency financial assistance, Meals on Wheels, counseling, transportation to medical appointments and more. Support this program today.

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