Early Childhood Training

Services are provided by early specialists who are licensed clinical social workers with extensive training and many years of hands-on experience working with children, families and educators.

Expand Staff Knowledge

JSSA offers Core of Knowledge (COK) workshops led by JSSA’s early childhood specialists and can be scheduled on-site at your school/center/organization.*

*Please note that COK workshops are continuing education workshops for child care providers and preschool teachers. They are not eligible for CE credits for social workers, counselors and psychologists.

Support Children and Staff in the Classroom

JSSA offers preschool consultation services in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Developmental Support Coordination:

  • Supporting staff in conducting and maintaining routine developmental screenings for all children in the program
  • Conducting classroom observations and providing feedback to the director and teachers
  • Answering questions about child development and screenings for social and emotional strengths and needs
  • Conducting assessments for individual children’s areas of needs and concerns as required
  • Providing referrals to relevant community providers/services
  • Coordinating communication between different service providers as applicable
  • Supporting teachers and parents on improving readiness for kindergarten or other school transitions

Reflective Coaching Program:

JSSA’s Reflective Coaching Program is designed to provide teachers with opportunities to receive feedback on their teaching practices that will help them recognize strengths in their methods, as well as areas that may need additional support. Reflective Coaching will help teachers apply the information and experiences from the coaching process to their classroom practices, in vivo, with the support of an experienced consultant.

Provide Guidance for Parents

JSSA also offers on-site parenting toolbox workshops (for Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia) which can help parents better understand and manage their young children’s behavior. Workshop topics include:  understanding your child’s unique character, learning conflict management and building relationships, fostering self control and preventing major meltdowns.

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