Help Seniors

Connecting with Seniors

JSSA offers individuals and families many opportunities to help home-bound seniors stay independent, healthy and connected to the community.

We also have volunteer opportunities in which you can share your special skills and talents to help seniors engage their minds and to socially connect with their neighbors in retirement communities, assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Visit or Call

A friendly visit or call can bring hope to someone in need. For an isolated elderly person, but especially a Holocaust survivor, any tangible evidence that they are not being forgotten is hugely reassuring.  Volunteering might include chatting over a cup of tea (Russian speakers are particularly needed!), taking a leisurely stroll on a beautiful day, sorting and labeling photos for a keepsake album, or cooking a favorite dish together.  On the phone, you might converse about local news, an interesting story or life updates.

Deliver Food

Deliver nutritious meals throughout the week to home-bound seniors.

Help Older Adults Facing Financial Difficulty

Volunteers connect directly with seniors needing economic case management and conduct financial assessments; develop, implement, and monitor economic action plans; and match people with services and supports.

Help Seniors Connect in Friendship

Class co-facilitator volunteers use their clinical mental health background to help seniors learn and practice skills needed for socialization.

Marketing volunteers help spread the word about Connecting In Friendship classes by posting flyers, making brief presentations at various community-based locations, and writing publicity materials, as well as bringing any additional marketing skills and experience to promote this outstanding program.

Provide Accessible and Enjoyable “Lifelong Learning”

Volunteers for JSSA’s Himmelfarb Mobile University (HMU) program provide stimulating classes on a wide range of subjects and interests to residents of retirement and assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and participants in senior activity programs.

The hour-long classes encourage interaction in a “group learning” context. Past HMU “course topics” have included art and architecture, literature and poetry, history, music appreciation and musical presentations, and popular culture.

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