Due to the philanthropy of several JSSAs benefactors, we are able to offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships and interest-free loans to students living in the local metropolitan Washington DC area:

Scholarships for undergraduate students (link to requirements/description)
Scholarships for graduate students (link to requirements/description)
Scholarships for vocational training programs (link to requirements/description)
Scholarships for study in Israel (link to requirements/description)
Jewish educational loans (link to requirements/description)

All scholarship and loan decisions are primarily based on financial need, rather than academic merit.

Please note that there is one application for all scholarships and educational loans.

The following items MUST be received no later than Monday, May 3, 2021 at 11:59PM:

• Online application
• Most recent unofficial high school or college transcripts
• Score reports SAT, ATC, etc.
• Resume or summary of your extracurricular and summer activities including employment and volunteer experience.
• Letter of Acceptance from the college or graduate school you will be attending
• Financial Aid Award Letter from the college you will be attending, unless you are not applying for a scholarship based on financial need
• Copy of your FAFSA report and the cover letter showing the EFC amount
• Two letters of recommendation (if applying for the Gibson Scholarship)

Please answer all required questions. If a question does not apply to you, please indicate N/A or None. Direct any questions to

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Intended Field of Study or Current Major*

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B3) Partner’s Occupation (if applicable)

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How have you financed your education?*

If you received financial aid in the past, please send us copies of the award letters.

List all assets and debts that you and/or anyone claiming you as a dependent have, including trusts, savings, investments, retirement, businesses, resident, etc.

List of Assets:

Value of Home*

Trust* (please include 529s for your benefit)

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Other Assets*

List of Annual Debts: (Please submit all annual numbers (monthly payment * 12) for both parents and students

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Annual Other debts*

If you or anyone claiming you as a dependent has any unusual financial burden or expenses (sending money to a relative, health concerns, etc.) Please explain.

Will receive financial assistance?*

Scholarship for next Year (Applied or Received)?*

Awarding Organization*

Amount Requested $*

Received award letter yet?*

If yes, amount awarded?*

Are you an incoming freshman?*

Are you a senior at Montgomery County HS?*

Are you under 30?*

Are you a US Citizen?*

If not, are you working toward citizenship?* 

Full time at accredited 4 year college? 

If yes, which 4 year college?*

Full time at an accredited community college?*

If yes, which 2 year college?*

Attending graduate or post-graduate school?*

If yes, which graduate school?*

Studying in Israel this year?*

If yes, which program?*

Studying abroad in upcoming school year?* 

If yes, which program and where?*

Full time graduate program in Jewish Communal Service?*

Do you intend to work professionally in the Jewish community upon graduation?* 

How did you learned about JSSA Scholarships & Loans?* 

RequiredPersonal Statement so that the Scholarship Committee can get to know you better:* (200 words minimum)

If you are applying for the Morton A. Gibson Memorial Scholarship for volunteerism, please complete the following information and email or mail two (2) letters of reference.

1. List all volunteer service you have performed in the Greater Washington Jewish Community or under the auspices of a local Jewish agency or organization, including the name of they agency or organization, supervisor, dates, and number of hours worked:

2. If volunteer service was performed in another community or under the auspices of a non-Jewish agency or organization, list such service and dates:

3. List any awards or recognition you have received for your volunteer service:

4. Did this volunteer service meet any high school graduation requirements?

If additional volunteer service was performed to meet high school requirements, please explain:

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