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Do you have a child struggling with school, a friend lost in depression, or a niece with special needs who is seeking independence? Perhaps your elderly mother is finding it harder to live on her own or a colleague is facing an end-of-life crisis.  Is your school or synagogue seeking an expert speaker or do you need continuing education credits?

JSSA is here to help. For more than 120 years, JSSA has been reaching out and helping individuals and families in the Greater Washington metropolitan community regardless of religious or ethnic background or ability to pay.  We make a lasting difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people each year through a wide range of counseling, special needs services, educational and professional programs, home care, care and social services.

From the youngest child to the most frail older adult – from individuals to entire families – our caring and experienced professionals provide tailored services and programs to meet every need.

This Past Year, JSSA Served and Supported More Than 31,500 Individuals…

98% of Individuals Surveyed Say They Feel Better Overall

Those Served Say They Have Made Progress:

  • Dealing with everyday problems: 99%
  • Getting along with spouse or family : 96%
  • Dealing with crisis: 97%
  • Making new friends: 95%
  • Performing in school or work: 91%
  • On the way to finding a job: 100%
  • Getting along in social situations: 97%

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