The Stevens’ Story

When Jim’s cancer worsened his oncologist recommended that we contact JSSA Hospice. Just the word hospice made my heart sink. To me it meant the end.

Just less than one year ago Jim and I had been planning a long awaited trip to Alaska. Now our lives were literally in crisis. We took a deep breath and made the call and from that moment on we found relief. With the caring of the exceptional hospice team the last few months of Jim’s life – of our life – moved from one of pain and uncertainty to one of comfort and calm. We were able to stay in our own home surrounded by the wonderful memories we had made together and everyone from our nurses to the chaplain and our amazing volunteer who always brought her terrier Kacy for Jim to enjoy, helped make our last few months together special ones.

I miss Jim every day and after seventeen wonderful years together I often struggle with how to move forward on my own. But I’m comforted by knowing that thanks in large part to JSSA Hospice’s support, the few short months we had together at the end were spent focused on us and on living, not dying.

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