Sam’s Story

To me it’s pretty simple. I’ve been blessed in many ways. I grew up in freedom in this wonderful country. I had a loving family and never went to bed hungry. I was able to get a great education and start my own successful business.

I’m not wealthy by any stretch but I do just fine and my children are well taken care of. Our holidays are filled with laughter, wonderful food and much warmth. I have much to be thankful for. But I know there are many people in our community who aren’t so lucky.

There are many families who can’t afford the basics and who often have to go without those things that my family and I take for granted. I know there are parents who struggle every day to make sure there’s enough food on the table for their children.

Some might have lost a job, are trying to cope with an illness or care for a child with special needs. There are seniors who find themselves alone and are trying to make do on a very tight budget. So if my gift each year brings any of them an extra measure of joy on the holidays, well, that’s the best gift I could ever give.

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