Rachel’s Story

After a number of unhappy years, my husband and I finally knew it was time to separate. Our primary concern was our daughter Rachel. We did not want her to endure the horrible divorce experiences we had seen in other families.

Our family lawyer recommended the collaborative divorce approach. We had never heard of it, but liked the idea of a collaborative and problem-solving focus. We decided to give it – and JSSA – a try. It was by far one of the best decisions we have made together in a long time.

The child specialist advocated for our daughter’s best interests throughout the process. She spent time with me and Rachel’s dad, other family members and Rachel’s teachers, really getting to know how she was managing and how best to prioritize her needs. Our collaborative divorce team met several times over the course of six months.

Our divorce was amicable, and our daughter received the support she needed. While divorce is never easy, my now ex-husband and I are cordial and fair with each other and work together to put Rachel’s needs first.

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