Greg’s Story

Six years ago, after participating in JSSA’s Work Adjustment Training class where he mastered skills that could be used on the busiest days at any restaurant, Greg became a Dave and Buster’s employee!

As a blind person on the autism spectrum who also requires dialysis treatments, Greg’s possibilities of finding employment were very limited. However, with the help of JSSA’s Employment Specialist Marta Bohorquez and Dave and Buster’s General Manager Bobby Solomon, Greg was given an opportunity – and that was all he needed.

In the words of his manager, “Greg has become a key employee who in many ways has set an example to those who have no disabilities, by being a punctual, committed employee, who takes great pride in all aspects of his work. JSSA’s hard work, persistence and belief in Greg opened the door for him and 10 other employees with disabilities that we subsequently hired based on having our eyes opened to the abilities and strengths of individuals like Greg.”

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