Care Management

JSSA’s care managers are experienced and compassionate professionals (most of whom are licensed clinical social workers). We work together as a team to provide a wide range of mental health, care management, and employment and support services for those in our community with special needs.

Whether a developmental delay; a physical disability; an emotional or behavioral challenge; or an autism spectrum disorder, our priority is to help you – as a family – coordinate and navigate a broad range of medical, social and educational resources to help your child, teen or young adult unlock development potential and maximize opportunities.

Our care managers help you:

  • Identify the changing needs of your child and family
  • Become a more effective advocate
  • Gain access to specific programs and services
  • Develop transition and future planning needs
  • Identify community resources
  • Connect with other families who face similar challenges
  • Understand the full range of available public benefits and funding

Our care managers can link you to:

JSSA care managers work with JSSA counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and supported employment specialists to help you access the help you or your loved one most needs.

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