Divorce and Separation Services

JSSA helps parents and children move forward together during family transitions.

JSSA provides an opportunity for you to learn from our highly skilled professionals and share with others who are facing similar challenges.

Pro Bono Divorce Consultation Available Now!

Call today – 301-610-8381 –  to schedule your initial pro bono divorce consultation! We can help individuals and couples understand the different divorce options. The consultation also provides attorney referrals when indicated.

Two Homes One Family

Offers the Collaborative Divorce Process at an affordable cost to families of moderate means -in Montgomery County, Maryland. We want to help families experience divorce as a transition rather than a trauma.

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Parenting Plans

Research suggests that developing a comprehensive, individualized parenting plan with a mental health divorce coach helps prioritize your children’s needs during this transitional period and in the future. A typical parenting plan often outlines scheduled time with each parent, holidays and vacations, major decision-making, exchange of information, how to handle an impasse on a parenting issue and how the plan might be updated in the future.

Child Specialists

The child specialist provides a safe place for children to share their feelings and concerns and ask questions about the divorce process. A child specialist plays an important, time-limited role in helping parents understand what their children are experiencing and what their needs are during the divorce process and in the future. The child specialist serves as a resource to parents and provides feedback to the collaborative team as they develop a parenting plan that strives to ensure the best interest of the children. For special needs families, JSSA offers guidance and expertise with their unique challenges.

Additional Services:

  • Counseling
  • Divorce services for couples with special needs children
  • Parenting trainings and workshops
  • Referrals to child, adult and family therapy
  • Consultations for attorneys dealing with challenging clients


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