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Advance Care Planning: Helping Others Help You

Author: Dr. Niel Rosen As individuals and families begin to think about aging, they tend to focus on the completion of advance directives, such as a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare. While these are important documents designed to preserve the right of patients to refuse medical treatment, advance directives are only one […]

5 Tips for Talking with Children About Anti-Semitism

Ever since Jewish Community Centers and day schools began receiving bomb threats earlier this year, anxiety levels have been high — especially among children who had to be evacuated from their own classrooms. There are well-established strategies in place for helping young people cope with tragic events, but when dealing specifically with acts of anti-Semitism, […]

Talking with and Supporting Your Kids and Families After the Election

Practice self-care and be sure to identify outlets to express your own feelings in the short term and over time. Surround yourself with supportive community. Provide children with reassurance that adults are caring for their safety and well-being. Keep to routines as much as possible. Acknowledge the child’s emotional reactions. Explore what the child is […]

Understanding and Embracing Mindfulness

Author:   Anne Lipp, LCSW-C Mindfulness – it seems like we’re hearing it everywhere these days, in schools, hospitals, workplaces and therapy offices. If you are not sure what mindfulness is, join the crowd – you are in good company! What is it? Simply put, mindfulness is the state of being aware of what’s going on […]

Learning From Grief

Author: Reverend Deborah Vaughn, M.Div., JSSA Hospice Chaplain As human beings, we will experience loss many times in our lives. Each time we are in the  process of grieving a significant loss, we learn something new. I have found that in these losses, I am learning from grief. This is counter to our cultural ethos that […]

Coping with Recuperation

Author: Reverend Deborah Vaughn, M.Div., JSSA Hospice Chaplain Recently, I read a post on a favorite blog by someone who had to have foot surgery.  The day before her procedure she posted on Facebook that she’d never been on crutches before and asked for tips on how to manage it. Each health challenge is different, […]

Being “Heard” in the Workplace

Author: Alison Axelrod, MSW, Employment Specialist Diversity in the workplace benefits employees, employers and society as a whole. With today’s technological advances and better understanding of the special needs of workers with disabilities, providing accommodations for deaf or hard of hearing employees doesn’t need to be difficult. Below are some simple things to keep in […]

Cyberbullying and Your Child – What You Need to Know

Author: Heidi Cohen, LCSW-C, Child and Family Services Technology today is often our children’s life line to social interactions. Social networking can be a wonderful tool for individuals to share stories, connect with friends and network. However, social networking can also lead to serious issues such as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a growing threat to our […]

When Enough is Enough: Balancing Your Child’s Extracurriculars

Author: Jordyn Hagar, LCSW-C, Clinical Social Worker, Child and Family Services Whether sports or swim team, scouts or karate, music lessons or art classes – not to mention after school programs, play dates, and of course homework – our children have busier calendars than we ever did at their age – and maybe even than […]

Game Over: Stop Battling With Your Kids Over Electronics

Author: JSSA Child and Family Services For some children and teens with special needs, there is often only one thing that motivates them…videogames. In fact, I’ve heard from many parents who feel that electronics, in particular videogames, have become such a big part of their child’s life that it seems to be almost all consuming. […]

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