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  1. 6 Ways to Ease Back-to-School Challenges for Students with Special Needs

    Heading back to school means new classrooms, new people, and new expectations. Students with…
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    easing back-to-school challenges for students with special needs
  2. Transitioning from Preschool to Kindergarten

    Moving from preschool to kindergarten is a natural and exciting part of growing up. However,…
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    tips for parents and children about transitioning from preschool to kindergarten
  3. Improving the lives of others through planned giving

    “Our family lived the Jewish immigrant story,” says Jane Rosov. “I’ve lived a blessed…
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    JSSA Legacy Donor Jane Rosov
  4. How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

    Starting preschool can be anxiety-provoking for toddlers, but parents can ease the transition…
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  5. Meet a JSSA Hospice Volunteer: Amanda B.

    Amanda B. started volunteering at JSSA in 2017. In her own words, she discusses her experience…
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    JSSA Hospice Volunteer, Montgomery County, MD: Amanda B
  6. JSSA’s Specialized Employment Services Featured on ABC7 News

    Evan Friedman, 30, offers employers a unique set of strengths and abilities. Like many of…
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    JSSA's Specialized Employment services featured on ABC7 News
  7. JSSA Thanks Volunteers with a “Mindful” Evening

    JSSA hosted an interactive evening for volunteers on May 25, 2017 to thank them for their…
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    JSSA Volunteer Appreciation event 2017
  8. Things to Consider… When Considering Assisted Living

    Older adults tend to agree with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz: “There is no place like…
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    considering assisted living article
  9. Talking to Children with Special Needs About Death and Dying

    Talking with any child about death and dying can be daunting, but it may be particularly so…
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    Talking to children with special needs about death and dying
  10. If You Want to Adopt a Child, Make a Home Study Your First Step

    Author: Beth Lutton, LCSW-C/LISW, Adoption Options Executive Director Home Study | Top…
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    “Staff Tips and Strategies” and a drawing of a family in green