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  1. Learning to be Social During Social Distancing for Teens and Young Adults

    Join us for a social support group that will help teens and young adults learn new techniques…
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  2. Who Will Speak for You: Advance Care Planning and COVID-19

    These are unprecedented times. With the COVID-19 pandemic, having an accessible health care…
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  3. JSSA Service Delivery Status

    As the health and safety of our clients and staff continue to be our main priority, we are…
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  4. JSSA’s Response to the Coronavirus

    As we keep a close watch on the news and government announcements regarding the coronavirus…
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  5. Discussing Alarming Current Events with Your Children

    When frightening events occur, children need guidance and support as they try to process what…
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  6. Collaborative Care Program

    Less than half of parents who have adult children with intellectual and developmental…
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  7. Candi Kaplan: Giving to JSSA with an eye toward the future

    Through her many personal and professional pursuits over the years, Candi Kaplan has…
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    JSSA Legacy Donor Candi Kaplan
  8. Learning to Recognize and Support an Anxious Child

    Anxiety is a natural response to ambiguity in life, even in childhood and adolescence. And…
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    How to Recognize and Support an Anxious Child | JSSA
  9. 6 Ways to Set Limits on Your Child’s Use of Electronics

    Summer often means less daily structure and more screen time. While research has found…
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    6 Ways to Set Limits on Your Child's Use of Electronics