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  1. Journalists Support Group – VIRTUAL GROUP

    As a result of the recent turmoil happening in the country, many of us are struggling to…
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  2. Therapy Group for Adolescents

    The focus of this group will be on the “here and now” experience of group members. It is…
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  3. Support Group for Seniors (60+) Estranged from their Children

    Join our support group for seniors 60+ struggling to maintain relationships with their adult…
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  4. Making Connections in Times of Isolation

    Social distancing in times of COVID is taking its toll on our mental health and well-being. It…
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  5. How to Manage Care of Loved Ones in Assisted Living Facilities

    The “sandwich generation” is the point in adulthood when we must balance the…
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  6. Parenting Those With Autism During the Pandemic

    Parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic and during stay-at-home orders present an array of new…
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    Woman playing a puzzle with boy
  7. How to Prepare for a Health Care Emergency

    As cold and flu season looms while COVID-19 lingers, it’s more important than ever to make…
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  8. Talking to Your Kids About Racism

    It can be difficult talking to your children about racism and discrimination. Some parents…
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  9. Challenges of Managing Distance Learning for High School Students

    Are you the parent of a high schooler who’s struggling during this pandemic?  This group…
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  10. Challenges of Managing Your Tween’s Social Media Use

    Social media has become a dominant part of our everyday lives and is particularly concerning…
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